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Cashmere sweater, woolen sweater, pure silk and rayon cloth washing attention

Ordinary requirements for washing:
Soak in clean water to promote washing by separating the dust and sweat from the cloth into water, to save detergent, to find the cloth with poor dyeing quality and thus take measures to prevent color mixture.Water should be enough and time needed could be decided according to the quality, age and dying quality of the cloth. Clothes waiting for washing should be classified: three first and three next.The light color, the small and the clean should come first and then the dark, the big and the dirty. No blind mixture!

Pure silk wool garment should be “acid wash”, that is, garments which have been washed are put into acid cold water and dip in. The reason is pure silk and wool garment are afraid of alkali instead of acid. There are remain liquids which show alkai after washing fiber. After “acid wash”, remain liquid will be counter-acted and luster of garments will be improved. We can use vinegar. After vinegar washing, we still need wash once or twice by clean water.

Cashmere, Wool knitted garments, we’d better wash by hand, water temperature below 35C, use neutral detergent, don’t twist tightly by hand. Soak time should not be too long time, wash while soaking, especially for multi-color garments, water volume should be enough. Quick wash quick dry, to avoid color stain, garments will be put into original shape by dry towel and make them dry in ventilated place under shadow.

Rayon knitted fabric’s strength will decreased obviously after dipping into water, so soak time should be short and don’t twist tightly or wash by washing board. Fastness to sunlight of viscose fiber can’t match natural fibers. So it should not be exposed to the sunshine.
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